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Turn that Frown Upside Down! 10 Creative Ways to Make Someone Smile

Humor Experiment #1: Smileatious Manipulatiousness

Mmmm... bite into humor!
  1. Act crazy. Lie on the grass in the middle of the summer and make snow angel motions while singing, "I'm in blissful snowwwwy heaven!"

  2. See things. Look at the person with a big smile and exclaim, "I really like that funny (fill in blank) you're wearing!" (This is especially effective if they're NOT really wearing it.)

  3. Sing. Whenever the person begins complaining, start singing the Meow Mix cat food "Meow, meow, meow, meow" song. In a happy cat tone. While swishing your tail.

  4. Kudo-chop. Gently pat the person on the back after they've offered a suggestion. Reaffirm their wondrous contribution by saying with glee, "Awesome, to the MAX!"

  5. Slip up. Drop a banana peel on the ground and position yourself ready to slip on it. Then REALLY do it! (Well, only if your day-job is being a stunt double.) Oh cool, banana slippers!

  6. Koala-spoon. When dining in a restaurant, try hanging a spoon on the end of your nose. (Especially if it's a fine dining restaurant with no prices on the menu.) If you're successful, ponder your likeness to the cuddly marsupial known as the Australian Koala Bear.

  7. Pass notes. Write a note to your significant other on lined notebook paper in your best high-school style. Then fold it up into one of those nifty secret square or triangle folds just like you did when you were a teenager. (C'mon, you remember eagerly passing those notes in your school hallways!)

  8. Petend. (Yes, pretend) Carry on a real-life conversation with your pet in front of the person. And be sure to acknowledge the clever comments your pet is making back to you. (Hey, my cat gave me tons of insights into the nature of scooting dust-bunnies!)

  9. Read minds. Stand in front of the person with your eyes closed and fingers pointing at your temples. After three seconds, open your eyes and exclaim, "Wow! I didn't know you could think those thoughts. You're a true mess-terpiece!"

  10. Sketcher-cise. Draw a funny picture of you and the person on the sidewalk with big colorful kid's sidewalk chalk. With your non-dominant hand. And your eyes closed. At night. In the middle of winter. After spinning around ten times. Less than an hour after eating dinner. (Try some of my nifty chalk art tips here.)

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