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if life is your canvas,

then what will you create in the world today?

right now

Collagewith each moment of awareness

we are gifted with choice

with opportunity

with intelligence

and love

to continue on

or to begin again

to be come that which we desire

or to remain just as we are


what is it time to let go

to turn course

to move from

to recreate

to open the present

as the gift it is

before the sun goes down


if life is your canvas

then what will you create in the world today?

where will you go

where will you grow

what will you contribute to this collective reality

as the miraculous creation that you are

endowed with unique perspective and gifts

expanding with wisdom from the ages

as seed to grow

into lush beauty

for those to come


now is that time

this moment

right here

right now


— chris dunmire, april 6, 2013

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